Panchakacham dhoti

Dressing was different to different classes of people. This difference has been there since the olden times. A panchakacham is also one such type of clothing that is worn by a particular group of people. Any dhoti is a rectangular fabric that is folded and is tied at the waist region of a person. This is the method that is used in a simple dhoti whereas in a panchakacham the came fabric is then wrapped around the hips and the legs. This style of dhoti is very commonly seen in religious gathering, weddings and many other formal occasions. A pancha is the cloth that is used to make a readymade panchakacham dhoti . It is a rather long piece of cloth and is usually very hard to know how to wear it. There are a lot of tutorials that are available online that teaches a person on how to perfect the style of wearing a pachakacham. There are two different styles of wearing a pachakacham and they are: the brahmin style, the Vrindavan style. This type of wearing a dhoti provides utmost privacy as all the below the hip until the ankle are covered completely. Tying a panchakacham usually takes a little extra time than tying a normal dhoti.